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Re: [kde] How to not restore a konqueror session? (KDE4)

On Monday, September 28, 2015 05:17:48 PM Thomas Michalka wrote:
> Hello,
> anybody there who knows where I can configure konqueror to prevent it
> from restoring its last session?
> Background: Since KDE4 I get all konqueror windows twice on a new login.
> I assume one from the KDE Session Management, one from konqueror's own
> restoring mechanism.
> KDE3 didn't have conflicts by restoring windows.
> TIA, Tom

What behavior do you want?

If you want to start with a blank page...
launch Konqueror
put about:blank in the address bar
Settings>Save View Profile As...>Web Browsing>Save

In this way, you can have a blank page or any other page as the start page in 

The same procedure works for Tabbed Browsing if you want to start with several 
pages open.


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