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[kde] Plasma continuously stops responding even after restarting.


I am facing this really annoying problem after my /home dir ran out of space. I have cleared the space now (and have 19 GB free) but the problem remains:

My desktop and taskbar stop responding in like intervals of 5 minutes.

I restart them using:

killall plasmashell
kstart plasmashell

but again in sometime plasma stops responding. Windows, alt+tab, cursor, amarok's music, all work like nothing happened.

Then, if I don't restart plasma in few minutes, the entire desktop becomes unresponsive- only the cursor moves and the screen is frozen. Nothing works, can't even open yakuake to enter commands. I can only switch to a different non UI session (ctrl+alt+F1).
At this point, I reboot by going into tty1.

Please advise on how shall I investigate the problem. Right now I can't think of anything other than reinstalling the OS.

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