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Re: [kde] Plasma-nm nor network manager applet is show now.

Kevin Krammer <krammer <at> kde.org> writes:

> On Thursday, 2015-07-09, 20:18:13, Carlos Luna wrote:
> > Hello everybody!
> > 
> > I'm running Debian Etch (Testing) with KDE, with the last update I 
have lost
> > the network manager icon in the system tray. I usually change 
between the 2
> > cards I have. Synaptic tell me I have plasma-nm and Network-
> If you run
> plasma-windowed org.kde.networkmanagement
> do you get the applet?
> If so, you should also be able to add it to any Plasma panel.
> Cheers,
> Kevin

Hello, Kevin!

Well, I seem to have the same problem as Carlos, after last Debian 
Testing’s update: Networkmanager is still here, plasma-nm has been 
installed, but your solution did not work — as a result, I got this error 

QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before 
QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.
(displayed twice)

And no applet showed up.

Besides, my KDE System Settings seems to be completely broken. I got 
this message (in French) “Impossible pour le module de configuration du 
système de trouver des affichages. Par conséquent, il n'y a rien à 
configurer.” (I don’t have the original message in English, but, roughly 
translate, this means “Impossible for the configuration module to find 
displays. Therefore, there is nothing to configurate.”) And then System 
Settings close…

I have been using Testing for years and this the first real disaster I am 
experiencing with KDE. I am not sure that the progressive switch from 
Plasma 4 to Plasma 5 in Debian Testing was a good idea.

I hope you can help, anyway.

Thanks in advance.

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