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Re: [kde] How to permanently disable a KDE startup service? It keeps restarting even after disabled.

Dmt Ops posted on Wed, 22 Jul 2015 08:05:20 -0700 as excerpted:

> I need to permanently disable a KDE startup service, the "Input Actions
> daemon".
> I disabled it in KDE System Settings' "Startup and Shutdown" and also
> turned off the "[ ] Start the Input Actions daemon on login" setting in
> the "Custom Shortcuts" settings.
> I click Apply, then reboot, and it's started up again.
> This is on plasma5
> rpm --query plasma5-desktop
> plasma5-desktop-5.3.91git~20150721T231944~9e6dd77-112.1.x86_64

Still on kde4 here, but it occurs to me that it may be starting due to 
some other service or app that's running needing it.

Back when kmail first jumped the akonadi shark and I switched away from 
it (kde and kdepim 4.7), akonadi was still starting despite the fact that 
supposedly I didn't have anything running that needed it, and I had it 
turned off as far as starting with kde.  I never /did/ figure out why it 
was doing that, tho it might have had something to do with the fact that 
akregator depended on kdepimlibs (I think it was), which in turn pulled 
in akonadi, despite the fact that akregator itself wasn't yet akonadi-
based.  But I ultimately solved the problem by switching away from 
akregator as well and entirely eradicating anything kdepim related from 
the system, including akonadi (and even drkonqi since it was pulling in 
kdepimlibs and that in turn pulled in akonadi).  It can't start if it's 
not installed! =:^)

The bonus was that with the kdepim infestation cleared, I could entirely 
clear out the semantic-desktop infestation as well.  Some things still 
pulled in strigi as they linked against it with no option to kill that, 
but I had all its backends turned off so it was entirely neutered, and 
nothing else semantic-desktop related.  That killed some functionality in 
dolphin, etc, but despite my supposedly having the semantic-desktop 
functionality turned off before that, actually building kde without it 
improved kde performance substantially (way more than I expected, I had 
just wanted to get it off the system to be able to quit having to worry 
about updates, etc, and hadn't expected much if any actual performance 
boost, because as I said, I already supposedly had it turned off).

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