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Re: [kde] How to block only certain global hotkeys?

Aleksey Midenkov posted on Wed, 13 May 2015 14:41:55 +0300 as excerpted:

> Fortunately, I found the solution that perfectly fits to my needs:
> xbindkeys + xdotool. If to add this to ~/.xbindkeysrc:
> "xdotool getactivewindow key alt+F4"
>     XF86Launch7
> it sends Alt + F4 combination to active Konsole window when I press G4
> on G710+ keyboard, though original Alt + F4 combination still works as
> global KWin combination.
> It is possible to overwrite even original Alt + F4 with xbindkeys as a
> proxy. For this it is required to set KWin hotkey to something else
> (f.ex.
> Alt + Win + F4). And then make the logic based on active window class:
> if xprop -id $(xdotool getactivewindow) -notype WM_CLASS | grep -q
> '"Konsole"'
> then
>     xdotool getactivewindow key alt+F4
> else
>     xdotool key --window 0 alt+super+F4
> fi


I too use xdotool among other utilities, in various scripted solutions 
when the functionality doesn't come built-in.  There's a utility called 
evrouter that can be used to route otherwise unrecognized keys to 
something xorg (and qt/kde) will recognize, that I use for keys that 
otherwise don't work on my keyboard, and another called sxhkd (simple X 
hotkey deamon), that I use together with the xf86-input-mtrack xorg input 
driver, to support gestures like pinch, rotate, and 2/3/4-finger swiping 
on my touchpad.  Mtrack translates the gestures into mouse-button events 
up to mouse-button-20, and sxhkd can recognize those events and convert 
them into appropriate key presses, etc, either globally or per app, 
sometimes using xdotool or the like as part of the chain.

So for instance I have pinch setup to activate kde's global zoom effect, 
for pinch-zoom, and three-finger-swipe-left/right setup to activate 
firefox's back and forward buttons.

But not everyone is ready to do the manual setup necessary to get that 
sort of solution to work... the reason I didn't mention it in my original 

So glad to see someone else willing to do the manual scripting and config 
it takes to get the results they want. =:^)

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