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Re: [kde] grouping tasks in taskbar

Here's me on 4.10 and weird things still occur. One that gob smacked

was that the trash can doesn't behave as an ordinary icon on the

desktop and is perfectly happy to sit on top of another or maybe the

others can't detect that it is there. Pass

I also wonder why when I hot plug a hard drive of usb why find files
aka kfind has no problem finding all of the files that match a search
term - dolphin search - no. It's happy to miss some.

Plus the desktop needs rebooting via a log out at times but this has

not caused me any serious problems so far. Neither have one or two

desktop freezes, I have no idea what caused those or the need for

restarting kde.

From time to time the screen can't keep up with my typing rate. It
lags well behind and here's me using an HP Xeon workstation with
rather a lot of ram. Rebooting kde usually sorts that out.

Mail has never been a problem for me on 4. I still run kdepim3 and as

always it sits there doing it's job faultlessly, compacting and etc

just as it should.

The dreaded file index issues seem to have disappeared but have they?

Of late I notice a pregnant pause when I save files.

I don't seem to have any taskbar problems other than having again of

late to leave them where they happen to pop up when added. I don't seem

to be able to drag them where I want any more or couldn't last time

I tried.

When I look at the final result of kde4 all I really see is a different

method of presenting folders - that actually I don't use as I am happy

with my cluttered desktop and even use it for temp storage at times. I

don't see any real improvement from a usability point of view. Not

surprising really as windows is mature technology and re arranging how

various things look wont change that at all.

Could it be that KDE5 will happen for what was the probably the real

real reason for 4 - rather difficult to do any significant work on 3.

Grows like topsy etc. :-) I sometimes think that Linux's committee type

approach to additions is rather sensible.

No point bleating about kde releases being sub beta really because this

is part why there are distro's about. We use and report bugs.At some

point they get fixed - maybe. What disturbs me was that initial KDE4 was

in real terms unusable. OpenSuse put some in for us to look at. On the

next release it went full 4 along with the associated problems. I'm

glad they still left some 3 that could still be installed. Just goes

to show how shallow the changes really are - just candy really.

I here rumours about 5 going what is usually called upstream from the

desktop, sort of taking over from the lib people. Indexing nearly killed

kde other than for die hards and I can't help wondering what further

marauding in that general direction will do.

I also note that this mailing list is near dead compared with how it

used to be on 3.

:-) wow that was a long bleat.



> On Wednesday, 13 May 2015, 5:46, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Felix Miata posted on Tue, 12 May 2015 12:13:40 -0400 as excerpted:
>>  Gunther Clasen composed on 2015-05-12 15:46 (UTC+0100):
>>>  I'm using kde 4.3.4 btw.
>>  I see according to distrowatch.com CentOS 6.6 was released with 4.3.4
>>  only last October. That's puzzling. 4.3.4 is now more than five years
>>  old, rather new at its release, when KDE4 was quite buggy and lacking
>>  many KDE3 features.
>>  Likely grouping was broken or missing in 4.3.4. Try some distro with any
>>  more recent KDE4 version, or upgrading your KDE4 to something
>>  non-ancient.
> Indeed.  I've argued all along that 4.2 was still alpha quality, 4.3 
> beta, (late) 4.4 rc, and (late) 4.5 /finally/ made it to reasonable 
> release quality.  (Late 4.6 was reasonably stable except for kdepim, but 
> they continued supporting kdepim 4.4 thru 4.7 and into 4.8, and 4.6 did 
> change a lot, switching off of hal, etc, so 4.5 would have been the 
> version for LTR-stable releases to go with, with 4.4 kdepim.)
> Which would have been fine if 3.10 had remained supported thru 4.5, so 
> people could switch from release quality to release quality.  
> Unfortunately that didn't happen, as many kde devs were dropping further 
> development of 3.x, even for obvious bug fixes with patches submitted, by 
> 4.2, and by 4.3, upstream support for kde3 had effectively disappeared, 
> despite 4.3 being beta quality at best.
> So it's extremely puzzling that an LTR-stable release such as RHE/CentOS 
> would pick the still very beta kde 4.3, even five year later.  4.5 with 
> 4.4 kdepim would have been a better choice.  But I guess they default to 
> gnome anyway, and don't really care so much about kde.  Oh, well...
> So indeed, for anything but trivial kde users who normally default to 
> some other desktop, I'd strongly recommend finding something with kde 4.5 
> at least.  Anything else and you really are using beta quality software 
> at best.  It's simply not mature or polished, and that lack definitely 
> shows.
> But... a kde user running CentOS 6.6 with a still effectively beta kde 
> 4.3, five years after 4.3's release and with 4.5 from a year later 
> considered far better... probably doesn't have much choice in the 
> matter.  They run what they're given by the corporate/government/
> university/whatever overlords.  So unfortunately there's likely not much 
> chance to do anything about it... except for change jobs/schools/whatever.
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