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Re: [kde] How to block only certain global hotkeys?

Aleksey Midenkov posted on Tue, 12 May 2015 13:33:50 +0300 as excerpted:

> I know that there is an option in Special Application Options: Ignore
> global shortcuts. But it blocks all of them. I want several hotkeys
> retain their global meaning and several of them passed to certain
> applications. Is it possible maybe via config files?

I don't believe there's a per-app option to ignore specific global 
hotkeys, without ignoring others, no.

What you /can/ do, however, is reassign different global hotkeys, so they 
don't interfere with individual app hotkeys.  In general, the winkey 
(super or hyper, try it with one reassignment and see) modified actions 
are not taken by apps, so remain free for use as global hotkeys.

That, and many keyboards now contain extra "custom" keys, generally 
called inet or media keys that can be (re)assigned to global 
functionality, generally without conflict with local hotkeys as they're 
not common enough.  Even normally dedicated media keys such as volup/
voldown/mute/play/pause and system keys such as power, can often be multi-
configured with various modifier (shift/ctrl/alt/win) keys, so normal vol-
down for instance, still turns the volume down, while ctrl-voldown might 
well be reassignable to some other global hotkey functionality.

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