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Re: [kde] grouping tasks in taskbar

ianseeks posted on Tue, 12 May 2015 14:16:45 +0100 as excerpted:

> On Tuesday 12 May 2015 11:57:52 Gunther Clasen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am pretty new to kde 4 (not kde, which I've been using for 15+ years
>> now),
>> and some things puzzle me. I am used to grouping tasks in the taskbar,
>> and kde4 didn't migrate that setting from kde3. Now with the taskbar
>> full of applications (it needs only 5 applications open to fill the
>> taskbar on a wide-screen monitor), there seems to be NO WAY to
>> configure the taskbar to group the tasks. One needs to close the
>> applications first in order to have free space on the taskbar to do a
>> right-click to bring up the config menu.
>> Is that behaviour actually intended, or have I missed something?
>> Cheers Gunther
> Have you tried a right click on the taskbar? I get grouping options on
> the window that pops up.

Umm... he /said/ with the taskbar full (5 apps is all it took), there's 
no way to right-click on the taskbar, without clicking on an app entry 
instead. (Apparently app-entries don't have the appropriate options, I 
don't use a taskbar so I wouldn't know.)

So he has tried it; there's just nowhere left exposed to click.

As I said, no taskbar here.  Kde4 has so many other switching methods and 
effects available (alt-tab/win-tab are set to thumbnail switch and flip-
switch here, cube (win-c, and hot-top-right-corner, with win-shift-c and 
win-ctrl-c variants for cylinder and globe instead), grid (win-g), expose 
(hot-top-edge same desktop, hot top-left-corner all desktops), and simply 
sloppy focus-follows-mouse switching with click-to-raise, plus a couple 
others I don't even have a trigger assigned for), I simply don't need a 
taskbar, and I find it more a nuisance (either taking valuable desktop 
space or popping up at inconvenient times if I have it set autohide) than 

Meanwhile, ironic that he's upgrading to kde4, just as it is getting 
deprecated and people are switching to kde5.

Tho I guess most haven't switched yet, including me as kwin5 appears to 
be broken on my radeon turks (hd6670 IIRC) with native kernel/mesa/xorg 
graphics drivers, but more and more distros are introducing it.

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