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Re: [kde] want to contribute

Dhriti Shikhar posted on Fri, 01 May 2015 21:25:10 +0500 as excerpted:

> I am Dhriti Shikhar from Pune, India. I am currently studying
> engineering in Pune University.
> I program in Python, C, C++, javascript/jquery, HTML. I have hands-on
> experience on git, Flask, Vim, reStructured Text, shell scripting. I
> have also worked on PHP, MySQL, mongodb for my college assignments. I
> have been using Fedora distribution of Linux for over a year now.
> I am interested in contributing to KDE. I would be really grateful if
> you could guide me on how to proceed.


Also see the general FAQ, as linked from the above, which covers 
questions about getting involved either as a dev, or as a non-dev (kde 
has many non-dev contributors doing translations, artwork, bug triage, 
wiki contributions, working on the lists as I do (thus this reply), 
community outreach, etc).  (Altho some bits are dated.  The FAQ refers to 
subversion, for instance, while most of kde is now in git, save for some 
artwork, etc, I believe.)


In general, as a dev you may wish to find a particular application or 
project you're interested in, take a look at the bugs filed, and start 
contributing patches where you can.  Because kde is qt-based, knowing it 
helps, but depending on the project, you can often learn as you go.

Note that with kde5/frameworks, the line between kde and qt is blurring 
to some degree, with both kde and qt now more modular, with various qt5 
modules being optional and various kde-frameworks modules being usable on 
their own as well.  As a result, many formerly kde apps are now qt apps, 
with a larger user-base and minus the heavy kde dependencies they had in 
the qt4/kde4 era.

There's also qt-apps.org, kde-apps.org, and kde-look.org, where the 
larger community posts their kde and qt contributions.  I don't claim to 
be a dev, but quickly got involved there when I found a couple plasmoids 
I liked on kde-look, obviously installed them locally, created a kdelook 
account, subscribed to discussion updates for those plasmoids, and 
started answering questions as I could.

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and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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