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[kde] Storage media applet not updating on media mount

Hi fellows

I’ve been having a small problem with my KDE 4.14.2 on Gentoo for a little
while now. It may have come with the last update from 4.14.0, but I can’t
say for sure.

When I insert a storage medium, such as a USB drive or Audio CD, the 
storage media applet pops up and offers me its actions as usual, but when 
I click on the icon or any action, it doesn’t update its internal status 
(I don’t have automounting enabled). Then the medium gets mounted and I 
can access it in Dolphin, but the state icon stays on “unmounted” and I 
can’t dismount the device. What I still can do is right-click on the 
device in Dolphin and select “Eject” in there.

Have you heard of that yet?
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