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Re: [kde] Pressing Ctrl+Space in Konsole

On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 02:16:09PM +0100, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Saturday, 2014-11-15, 02:43:37, Frank Steinmetzger wrote:
> > Dear list
> >
> > perhaps you can take the tomatoes from my eyes. I have two machines. When I
> > run midnight commander in Konsole and press Ctrl+Space, then on one machine
> > the appropriate action triggers, and on the other one it doesnât.
> >
> > It must be Konsole eating the shortcut, because if I ssh onto the machine
> > and start mc from there, Ctrl+Space works. I diffed the twoâs konsolerc, but
> > there was no difference regarding keyboard input. I use tmux on both
> > computers, but its config is kept in sync between all my computers.
> Or maybe a global shortcut or window manager short cut on one machine but not
> the other?

Thanks for your reply. I just found the export option in the Global Shorcuts
KCM and exported the key bindings of all modules into one file. It has no
mentioning of Ctrl+Space.

> > What else can I look for? For example, I was unable to find the Konsole
> > profiles (using grep -i terminus in .kde/share/config, which is the font in
> > one of my profiles).
> Profiles are in .kde/share/apps/konsole.

I looked at them â nothing out of the ordinary there. (see below). The only
*real* physical difference is that on the machine where it doesnât work, I
use a PS/2 keyboard. The other oneâs a laptop (but arenât those keyboards
PS/2 also?). I canât put my finger on it when it started. But Iâve been
using this KB for over a year now (though on another machine with â for all
intents and purposes â an identical setup until recently) and I canât
believe that Iâve been having this problem for sooo long already.

My main profile from                   My not working main profile:
the working machine:
# ------------>%-------------------------------------->%-----------------
[Appearance]                           [Appearance]
ColorScheme=Linux                      ColorScheme=Linux
Font=Terminus,7,-1,5,75,0,0,0,0,0      Font=Terminus,6,-1,5,75,0,0,0,0,0

[Encoding Options]

[General]                              [General]
Environment=TERM=xterm-256color        Environment=TERM=xterm-256color
Name=Terminus                          Name=Terminus
Parent=FALLBACK/                       Parent=FALLBACK/

[Scrolling]                            [Scrolling]
HistoryMode=1                          HistorySize=10000
HistorySize=10000                      ScrollBarPosition=2
ScrollBarPosition=2                    ScrollFullPage=true

[Terminal Features]

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