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Re: [kde] How do I use kscreen?

On 06/11/14 10:42, Duncan wrote:
Normally that "something" would be the full EDID info from the monitor

I disabled the EDID in my xorg.conf (Option "UseEdidFreqs" "FALSE") and defined my own modes because I need refresh rates for 24p, NTSC and PAL content, which are not provided by computer monitor EDIDs. It's usually only TVs that have these.

And indeed the NVIDIA driver doesn't use the EDID:

  NVIDIA(0): Not using HorizSync/VertRefresh ranges from the EDID for
  NVIDIA(0):     display device Samsung SyncMaster (DFP-3) (Using EDID
  NVIDIA(0):     frequencies has been disabled on all display devices.)

This is needed, because otherwise it's not possible to add custom modes, at least with the NVIDIA driver.

I have lots of modelines defined, but my default mode in xorg.conf is set to 1920x1080:

  SubSection "Display"
      Depth  24
      Modes  "1920x1080@60"

And this works just fine for X, since KDM is using 1920x1080 (or whatever I make the default in the "Display" subsection.) It's only the desktop that seems to ignore that setting now. In the previous version, it was picking that default up without problems. Fortunately, the new kscreen system remembers my previous choice, so once I had set 1920x1080 in the NVidia tool, the desktop remembered that for all future logins. Previously, all these settings were temporary and were lost after logging out.

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