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[kde] How do I use kscreen?

I upgraded my KDE installation to 4.11.13/4.14.2. I am now no longer able to configure my monitor through KDE System Settings. The system booted into 640x480 and the "Display Configuration" section in System Settings is empty, apart from a "primary display" drop-down list and a "unify outputs" button. All the options that were previously there (like resolution and refresh rate) are gone.

Fortunately, I have the NVidia drivers installed that come with the "NVidia X Server Configuration" tool, which allowed me to set my desktop back to 1920x1080@60Hz. It was previously set to "Auto", which one would guess would use my monitor's native resolution (that was the previous behavior, at least). But now, "auto" put my monitor into 640x480 mode.

It seems that in this version of KDE, a new tool is used for monitor configuration which is called "kscreen". But it doesn't seem to be working for me? Can anyone shed some light as to why it doesn't do anything? Both kscreen as well as libkscreen are installed.

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