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[kde] Suggestion for backup.


I've been working on a backup sollution for some time.
It works like:

- when rightclicking on a directory or a file, there is an action "Backup".

When it's the first time the entry is being backupped, a window appears with options on when to backup,
and a question to backup now.

When not the first time:
- when the entry is a file, a window appears with all previous versions of the file. - when the entry is a directory, a window appears with the contents of this directory with entries which are backupped before.

To keep track of every item being backuped I use a mysql database.

So far so good. But I'm looking for a sollution to do the actual backup. I've been thinking about something like:

rsync --some-sane-options --files-from=$FILEWITHFILESTOBACKUP --out-format="%i|%n\" "/" $BACKUP_MAP > $RSYNC_OUTPUT


FILEWITHFILESTOBACKUP contains the full path of entries to backup (coming from the mysql database)
BACKUP_MAP is a btrfs filesystem
RSYNC_OUTPUT is a file containing the output of rsync, with a summary of changes

if RSYNC_OUTPUT contains changes, a snapshot is made like:

btrfs subvolume snapshot "$BACKUP_MAP" "$SNAPSHOT_MAP/$DATE_FORMAT"

and for every entry a new record is created in the mysql db.

This construction uses rsync and btrfs. See:


I'm looking for some suggestions:

- I'm looking for a sollution for a backupserver clients can connect to an provide info about files to backup. This server should run as root (root has read access to everything, and btrfs requires root to run)
Is listning to dbus a good sollution, or a "simple" socket good enough?

- it would be (I think) a very cool feature when rightclicking on a file, and selecting Actions/Backup in Dolphin, every version is shown below the file, of course in a different format than the normal entries, in stead of a different application
is started showing this versions. What do you think?

Stef Bon
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