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[kde] Defining environment variables

Fellow users

I am trying to get UIM working, so I can enter various character sets such
as Japanese. I did what most tutorials said: go into ~/.bashrc and add:
export GTK_IM_MODULE='uim'
export QT_IM_MODULE='uim'
export XMODIFIERS='@im=uim'

That only did the trick for GTK, such as in firefox. In a forum I found
someone say to export QT_IMMODULE also. Didn't help either:

frank@kern ~ env|grep QT_IM
frank@kern ~ kwrite

This gives me no input method selection in the uim-toolbar.

But when I do:
frank@kern ~ QT_IMMODULE='uim' QT_IM_MODULE='uim' kwrite
*then* it works. Why is that so? I source ~/.bashrc from within
~/.bash_profile, so KDE should know about those variables. Or does it?
I found no kcm to view and edit environment variables.

Thanks for any hints.
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