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Re: [kde] All KNotes gone

On Saturday 26 July 2014 1:17:12 AM Alex Schuster wrote:

> Hi there!


> Some while ago already, KDE killed all my knotes. I think it was when

> 4.13.0 came out, and some migrator tried to migrate the existing notes.

> Well, it failed here. Now, I really want to have them back.


> I'm at 4.13.3. now. I deleted all notes in the Akonadi settings, and

> created a new Notes resource, pointing to

> ~/.kde4/share/apps/knotes/notes.ics, which I verified to have all my

> former notes in it. Nothing happens (I also restarted knotes), knotes

> shows no notes at all.


I shortened your mail a bit as I don't think our sql problems are related to the lost notes problem.


I also lost my notes on upgrade to 4.13, in other words when Baloo replaced Nepomuk.


I did manage to "find" them again and hopefully this thread on kdeforums can give you some pointers:



kind regards


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