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Re: [kde] menu customiization

Felix Miata posted on Thu, 05 Jun 2014 16:23:10 -0400 as excerpted:

> I've used KMenuEdit to create a bunch of custom Internet items. This is
> one such, Firefox.desktop:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Comment=Web Browser
> Exec[$e]=/usr/local/ffe10/firefox -no-remote -P ffe10
> GenericName=Web Browser
> Icon=firefox
> Name=Firefox 10
> Path[$e]=
> StartupNotify=true
> Terminal=0
> TerminalOptions=
> Type=Application
> X-KDE-SubstituteUID=false
> X-KDE-Username=
> What I want to do is make them all available to all users on multiple
> systems in KDE's Internet menu. The problem is I can't find
> understandable instructions how to do this anywhere.
> http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kde-workspace/kmenuedit/index.html doesn't
> seem to cover it, and
> http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/menu-spec-1.0.html is clear
> as mud to me. Has anyone ever figured this out, or found an
> understandable howto covering it? Do custom .desktop files belong in
> /etc/xdg/ somewhere? Is placement in /usr/share/applications/
> appropriate? TIA

While to some extent it depends on your distro, /usr/share/applications/ 
is the usual system-wide place to drop such *.desktop menu-entry files, 

Note that in ordered to actually show up in the menu in existing 
sessions, kbuildsycoca4 may need to be run.  This is normally done by 
default when someone starts a kde session, so new menu entries should 
always show up then, but to get them to show up in existing sessions, run 
it by hand in each session.  If you had tried putting the *.desktop files 
in the right spot and they weren't showing up, it's possible that was why.

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