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Re: [kde] menu customiization


On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 2:23 PM, Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've used KMenuEdit to create a bunch of custom Internet items. This is one
> such, Firefox.desktop:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Comment=Web Browser
> Exec[$e]=/usr/local/ffe10/firefox -no-remote -P ffe10
> GenericName=Web Browser
> What I want to do is make them all available to all users on multiple
> systems in KDE's Internet menu. The problem is I can't find understandable
> instructions how to do this anywhere.
> mud to me. Has anyone ever figured this out, or found an understandable
> howto covering it? Do custom .desktop files belong in /etc/xdg/ somewhere?
> Is placement in /usr/share/applications/ appropriate? TIA

/etc/xdg would be nice, but it's not in the default XDG_DATA_DIRS path.

    $ kde4-config --types | grep xdg
    xdgconf-autostart - XDG autostart directory
    xdgconf-menu - XDG Menu layout (.menu files)
    xdgdata-apps - XDG Application menu (.desktop files)
    xdgdata-dirs - XDG Menu descriptions (.directory files)
    xdgdata-icon - XDG Icons
    xdgdata-mime - XDG Mime Types
    xdgdata-pixmap - Legacy pixmaps

    $ kde4-config --path xdgdata-apps

Is that path that will be used.  I choose to use
/usr/local/share/applications, as it's NFS mounted to all
(most) user systems in my environment.  I'm not sure of the
best/recommended way to modify this path via scripts/config at KDE
startup time, but 'startkde' does this:

    # Make sure that D-Bus is running
    if test -z "$XDG_DATA_DIRS"; then
        XDG_DATA_DIRS="`kde4-config --prefix`/share:/usr/share:/usr/local/share"
        export XDG_DATA_DIRS

i.e. it looks hardcoded w/o a good site-specific way to add to it).
If you edit startkde to prepend "/etc/xdg/share/" (which to me is
totally obvious, and i was surprised it wasn't there), then prepare
for it to get borked on KDE application package updates...

You can get XDG values via this script snippet, as well:
    echo "[XDG Environment]"
    while read var default; do
        printf "%24s = %s\n"  "${var}" "$(eval echo \${$var-${default}\(\*\)})"
    XDG_DATA_HOME       ${HOME}/.local/share
    XDG_CONFIG_HOME     ${HOME}/.config
    XDG_DATA_DIRS       /usr/local/share/:/usr/share/
    XDG_CONFIG_DIRS     /etc/xdg
    XDG_CACHE_HOME      ${HOME}/.cache
    echo "(*) indicates variable unset and a default value substituted"

FWIW,  here's what i use for 'firefox':
This .desktop file is for my "Personal" use profile @ work (lunchbreak
news, etc)
(i have 3 others for other functions)

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Firefox for Personal Use
    Exec=/usr/local/bin/firefox -P Personal --class=firefox_Personal
-new-instance -no-remote %u
    GenericName[en_US]=Web Browser
    GenericName=Web Browser
    Name=Firefox (Personal)

-   I use --class=firefox_XXXXX so that 'Icon-Only Task Manager' will
    sort my multiple firefox profiles (with many, many windows) into
    distinct icons in the taskbar separately) I wish firefox still
    supported the WM_NAME --name option :-(

-   StartupNotify is False, because firefox GTK doesn't support the
    KDE launch feedback stuff and the bouncey-bouncey icon sits there
    until it times-out 30 seconds later)


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