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Re: [kde] How to get a bigger icon in the application switcher

On Fri, May 02, 2014 at 03:11:50AM +0000, Duncan wrote:
> Frank Steinmetzger posted on Thu, 01 May 2014 13:53:21 +0200 as excerpted:
> > Well as I said, I compared the package contents and the arch [firefox]
> > package just installed more icons (not only until 128Ã128, as Gentoo
> > does these days).
> > I might have to look at it again.
> If you do, since you have the arch package available, what I'd try first 
> is simply copying the full set of arch icons to the gentoo side, and see 
> if that fixes the problem.

I switched on the old Netbook and copied over the files. The Arch
package includes sizes up to 384Ã384 and some more in between (most
notably 64Ã64). The icons were simply called firefox.png. The ones in my
Gentoo system were called firefox-bin. It didnât work at first, so I
went into /usr/share/applications/firefox-bin.desktop and changed the
Icon= line to firefox.png. And now it worked.Â

I have no idea what is different. To rule out the addition of other
sizes, I renamed all firefox.png that were not previously available with
firefox-bin-icon.png, and the icon still shows up big. Even reverting
the .desktopâs Icon= back to firefox-icon-bin does not bring back the
problem. Iâm at witâs end, but happy nonetheless, for now I have what I

> Probably the easiest way to do that would be to move the entire hicolor 
> tree elsewhere temporarily, and copy the arch hicolor tree into its 
> place.
> Then as I said restart kwin and firefox, and see if you get the bigger 
> icons.

As mentioned, I usually log out and back in, just to be sure. And I
delete the caches while logged out.

$ cd /usr/share/icons/hicolor && find | sort | grep firefox

The *-arch files are from the arch package, but renamed so that the set
of arch icons (firefox.png) serves the same sizes as the old firefox-bin
set. firefox-bin-icon must be from an old attempt at solving this issue.

$ equery files firefox-bin | grep hicolor.*png

So letâs close this. I have no idea why, but itâs working now.
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