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Re: [kde] How to get a bigger icon in the application switcher

Frank Steinmetzger posted on Sun, 27 Apr 2014 18:17:06 +0200 as excerpted:

> Iâm having a slight issue with my KDE on Gentoo. I enabled the
> application switcher theme with larger icons, as I dislike the default
> one ever since it started showing all non-selected icons in greyscale.

Fellow gentooer. =:^)

FWIW I had no idea what the default was, so I went thru all the switchers 
and it seems only "informational" displays that grayscale-except-for-
selected-icon behavior.  So you should be able to switch to any of the 

And FWIW, I use "thumbnail" as my primary switcher, here, with 
"flipswitch" as secondary.  A scaled down version of the window itself is 
a lot easier to use than the icon.  Tho I do believe that requires 
working/enabled OpenGL, but any of the several scaled-window switchers 
really /really/ increase the usability of the switcher if they're 
available, at least for me.

> Some applications still appear with a small icon (i.e. 48Ã48 Pixel) in
> it. One of them is Konqueror (though that doesnât bother me much), and
> more importantly Firefox. Initially I hoped it to be a packaging problem
> â the Gentoo package only installed a 48Ã48 icon into
> /usr/share/pixmaps. So I filed a bug about that.Â
> You can read some more details in there (itâs not very long), because I
> did have big icons with Arch linux which shared its home partition with
> my Gentoo system.


FWIW, I'm running kde-live -9999 versions (from the kde overlay) of most 
packages here(tho I've not updated for about 10 days I'd guess), so it's 
very likely I'm running a newer kde than you.  But I did experiment a bit 
with the large-icons switcher, and have a large aurora icon here. (I have 
the bindist flag on so get the generic aurora name and icons, not the 
firefox branding.)

But I do have a smaller icon for pan, which only ships the pixmap icon, 
not the newer hicolor, etc, icons.  So I see the problem, just not with 
firefox.  (I don't actually have konqueror installed so can't check what 
size icon I get for it.)

Further, I did experiment with temporarily moving the entire hicolor 
directory elsewhere, and after a firefox and kwin restart (well, for kwin 
I switched the switcher config and hit apply, since I had it open, which 
triggers a kwin restart), I DID get the small version of the firefox/
aurora icon.

But I only saw that after restarting both of them, the takeaway being 
that if you're doing any experimenting, be sure to restart both kwin and 
the apps you're checking the icon with (restarting X/KDE should work too, 
but isn't necessary), or you'll see the old size.

Anyway, I know it's possible to get the large size firefox/aurora icon on 
gentoo with kde's large-icons switcher, since I have it here.  And I know 
it's possible to force the small one by killing the hicolor directory.  
But there's apparently some key to the puzzle we're missing, still.

Meanwhile, while you sort of checked the reverse of this by checking with 
arch using the same homedir, you might wish to try either setting up a 
new test-user temporarily, thus getting all default settings for testing, 
or (with X/kde off and preferably done while not logged in as your normal 
user) temporarily renaming your homedir (creating a new empty dir to use 
in its place for the test), so you can try all default settings on your 
normal user.

If the problem is gone with all default settings (except for changing the 
switcher to large icons, obviously), the problem is obviously in the user 
settings, not in the system config.  If it's in your user settings you 
can then try bisecting the problem down to an individual file by testing 
first just the removal of $KDEHOME (or ~/.kde if you don't set the var), 
then say with all of $KDEHOME but share/config or share/apps (nearly all 
kde settings are in one or the other), then with the other one if 
necessary, then with more or less half of that, then half of that... 
until you isolate the problem to an individual file, at which point you 
can either blow it away, or continue bisecting into it using a text 
editor, until you find the specific section and then line.

If the problem is still there with all default user settings, then it 
must be either the difference in versions (if any) between arch and 
gentoo's kde, OR, perhaps, a distro-specific patch applied by one or the 

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