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[kde] How to get a bigger icon in the application switcher

Hi group

Iâm having a slight issue with my KDE on Gentoo. I enabled the application
switcher theme with larger icons, as I dislike the default one ever
since it started showing all non-selected icons in greyscale.

Some applications still appear with a small icon (i.e. 48Ã48 Pixel) in
it. One of them is Konqueror (though that doesnât bother me much), and
more importantly Firefox. Initially I hoped it to be a packaging problem â
the Gentoo package only installed a 48Ã48 icon into /usr/share/pixmaps.
So I filed a bug about that.Â

You can read some more details in there (itâs not very long), because I
did have big icons with Arch linux which shared its home partition with
my Gentoo system.

These are the icons currently installed by Gentooâs Firefox package:
frank asp ~ qlist firefox-bin|grep png

In said bug report, I reference some other resource stating that the
pixmaps directory was deprecated. How is that handled in KDE (i.e. does
it have precedence over hicolor?) Just to give it a try, I deleted the
pixmap file, logged out, cleared my cache both in /var/tmp/kdecache and
in ~/.kde4/cache/icon-cache.kcache and logged back in. But I still have
a small icon.

Can you advise me on how to proceed? What am I missing?

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