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Re: [kde] baloo_file, baloo_file_extractor in disk sleep

Am Donnerstag, 24. April 2014, 15:31:46 schrieb Wolfgang Mader:
> Dear list,

Hi Wolfgang,

> this post might be related to the recent thread
> "[kde] What is baloo_file_extractor and why is it humping my hard drive?"
> but I do not want to high check.
> Whenever baloo is at work on my system, I see baloo_file and
> baloo_file_extractor in disk sleep state. This always leads to KDE GUI
> freeze. This was obvious worst when baloo was initially shuffling through
> all my files, but even now when baloo only needs to update newly changes
> files (I guess), the GUI hangs and the processes hit disk sleep. My disk is
> a traditional spinning rust one, no ssd, but the machine is fairly well
> powered.

Please add your information to this bug report.

Bug 333655 -  Baloo indexing I/O introduces serious noticable delays

See my comment on how to get some useful data for Vishesh and other 


I am not using KDE SC 4.13 and Baloo yet.

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