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Re: [kde] baloo_file, baloo_file_extractor in disk sleep

On 2014å4æ24ææææ 18æ10å29ç MSK, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
On Thursday 24 April 2014 15:39:31 Kevin Krammer wrote:
Complete interface, meaning:
- All running apps, e.g. I can no longer changes tabs in rekonq, switch to a different mail in kmail, switch from kmail to akregator in kontakt

- KWin effects, e.g. cube animation for desktop switch hangs in the middle of the effect

- Text input into e.g. kwrite. Since I am mostly using kde software, I am not sure if gtk is affected also, but I would guess so, since in my view the busy disk is the cause of all evil. :)

The mouse pointer is movable all the time, but the system does not respond to clicks.

I had exactly the same issue until I disabled Baloo (thanks to Gentoo devs who pointed me at this component). The system is unusable because freezes happen too often and last for a few secs. I discussed this at #kde@Freenode and they asked me to debug as described here: http://community.kde.org/Baloo/Debugging. I haven't done it yet.
Since you love KDE so much you might also want to help them with it.
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