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[kde] WebP Wallpapers


This is my first post at the KDE mailing list. Not sure whether this is the right list to mail to.

Recently, I've been playing with WebP image format, and after a few benchmarks I decided to convert all my wallpaper images from JPG to WebP.

The problem I'm having is that KDE doesn't seem to support WebP wallpaper images, since I can not select one of them to set as my wallpaper.

Does anyone have ever tried to do is or know whether it is supported or not?

Maybe this is just a filter being missed at the image selection box (the filter displays only: *.png *.jpeg *.jpg *.xcf *.svg *.svgz *.bmp), and maybe adding *.webp will solve the issue. If someone can confirm this as a possibility, I'll fill a bug and try to patch it myself.

My system is a Gentoo, with KDE 4.11.5 (latest version avaiable for Gentoo), Gwenview happily displays WebP just as does Dolphin thumbnails.


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