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Re: [kde] FTP with different timezone on the server

On 2014-03-08 22:12 (GMT) Duncan composed:

(There is one additional caveat, however.  I've been all freedomware for
over a decade so I haven't the foggiest if this still applies or not, but
at least MS Windows 9x assumed the hardware clock was local time, and
dual boots would thus have the time N hours off on the MS Windows side if
you had the hardware clock set to UTC.  One would hope they've fixed that
by now, and of course it doesn't apply if you're not dual booting, but
years ago at least, it was a problem with dual boot installations.)

https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Configuring_the_clock is one place that explains how Vista SP2 and newer Windows versions can use a registry "hack" that enables use of UTC. AFAIK, DOS, XP & older Windows versions, and OS2/eCS are all hard core local only. I'm frequently frustrated by the lasting inexplicable effect of the one hour DST changes on files transferred between Linux and eCS. I can reduce the effect by umounting eCS shares in Linux and shutting down eCS right before the clock change, but it only helps, is not a full cure those hours gained or lost copying or moving files across the network.
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