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Re: [kde] KDE's rough edges... what are your experiences?

Kevin Krammer wrote, On 10/29/2013 06:53 AM:
> On Tuesday, 2013-10-29, 13:42:16, MirosÅaw Zalewski wrote:
>> Unless something changed in 4.11 (I am still using 4.10), you can
>> go to configuration dialog in Dolphin and there, in Navigation pane,
>> make double click open files (single click selects, then).
> Or in system settings, input devices, mouse


    kwriteconfig --file kdeglobals --group KDE --key SingleClick false

You can use this to setup an /etc/kde/kdeglobals so all users default
to double-click mode.

But, this doesn't take effect for any currently open 'dolphin' windows
(but it does for any subsequently opened windows).  I tried:

    qdbus org.kde.dolphin-21870 /MainApplication reparseConfiguration

but doesn't seem to be the right thing to do to notify the running dolphin

Anybody know how to signal running applications to reprocess kdeglobals
(or their own KConfig setup?)

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