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Re: [kde] KDE's rough edges... what are your experiences?

Am Mon, 28 Oct 2013 14:33:24 +0100
schrieb Kevin Krammer <krammer@xxxxxxx>:

> On Monday, 2013-10-28, 16:10:16, dE wrote:
> > I think KDE is not suitable for production environment. Just for
> > casual enthusiasts.
> I guess it will depend on the definition of those terms. I am sure
> the people who use KDE as their work place environment will enjoy
> learning that they are enthusiasts in yours :)
> > As of your problems -- if you continue to use KDE, you'll get used
> > to it. For e.g. now removable disks will now show up in device
> > manager.
> Removable disks show up in device manager for quite some time now.
> But I guess it might also depend on the definition of now.
> Had that since KDE3 times, so now would several years back :)

I guess he meant to say "Now removable disks do NOT show..." but I
can't confirm that issue here.

optimistic regards
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