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looking for KDE Dolphin Administrator Guide

Dear KDE-Linux Help,


I am a Linux system administrator. I am new to KDE and Dolphin.


We installed KDE on a Linux CentOS 7.5 server and users access the server using VNC.


Currently I'd like to add an application to a file type (such as a shell script *sh file) for ALL users. I have been looking for an administrator guide as to how to do it and I just could not find it.


Note: I know how to do it for one user (login as a regular user -> in Dolphin: Right click on the file -> Open with -> Other ... -> type the name of the application (such as 'bash') -> check 'Run in terminal' -> check 'Remember application association for this type of file'. )


Above is an example of what I would like to configure for every user. Help as to how to do it is really appreciated.  I am also looking for an administrator guide so that if I have other configurations for all users later on, I can refer to the guide(s).



Jim Chen






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