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Re: How to change user icon at top of Application Launcher's menu?


Well, that's odd.  I got that drag thing to, I ignored it.  It let me
change mine from the gallery thingy.  I selected that happy guy.  :-) 

Mine listed dale and dale2.  dale2 is my backup to test weirdness after
a upgrade.  It also listed new user but I didn't go there. 

Just for giggles.

[ebuild   R   ~] kde-plasma/systemsettings-5.10.3:5::gentoo  USE="gtk
handbook -classic -debug"

There's not really many USE flag options there.  Hmmmmmm. 


:-)  :-) 

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Hello again,
>    Yes, mine asked me for root password which I gave. It also went
> through a weird step where after I chose a better icon it told me to
> drag it to a place of interest but there wasn't anything specific to
> drag. Just a really big window with the icon I chose in the middle.
>    I'll give it a try as root. Did yours actually have your user
> account in the list? Mine did not.
>    Gentoo=yes, missing package=no assuming portage properly keeps
> track of things, USE flag=who knows? It's Gentoo after all.
> Mark
> On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 2:52 PM, Dale <rdalek1967@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I didn't try to change mine last time but I did just now.  Does it ask
>> you for your root password when you try to change it?  It does here.  If
>> it doesn't there, it may be a permissions issue.
>> You should be able to run systemsettings5 as root and change it that
>> way, if it doesn't ask when you click apply.
>> I seem to recall you run Gentoo.  Maybe it is a USE flag or missing
>> package???
>> Dale
>> :-)  :-)
>> Mark Knecht wrote:
>>> Hi Dale,
>>>    Thank you for the response. That dialog area appears to be the same
>>> one I get to directly by clicking on the offending icon that resides
>>> at the top of the Application Launcher menu. Choosing the icon at the
>>> right allows me to choose a new one from a gallery, but only
>>> (apparently) for a new user. Changing it does not effect my account.
>>>    Possibly this is a lack of documentation issue but there are
>>> already user accounts on this machine and none of those existing users
>>> show up on the left. All it says is 'New User'. Possibly I can create
>>> a 'mark' user and then possibly KDE will change the icon associated
>>> with my account but I'm uncertain and don't want to just play around
>>> and create problems.
>>>    Again, thanks for the response.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mark
>>> On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 4:42 PM, Dale <rdalek1967@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Mark Knecht wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>    An update to KDE on my Gentoo machine yesterday has changed the
>>>>> icon that shows up to the left of my name at the top of Application
>>>>> Launcher menu. I'm sure it's unintended but I find the icon insulting
>>>>> and would like to change it. How can I change this icon back to the
>>>>> Sad Cyclops icon, or better yet one of my choice, that appeared there
>>>>> before this update?
>>>>>    If I click on the icon I get the User Manager from System Settings.
>>>>> On the left it says "New User" and on the right there is a place to
>>>>> edit what I suspect is the icon area but changing it doesn't change
>>>>> the icon I see here. Sadly clicking on Help at the bottom returns the
>>>>> message "The file or Folder help:/ does not exist" so possibly
>>>>> Gentoo's build has excluded this by default. The Help system for
>>>>> Plasma has a section for the Application Launcher but I don't find
>>>>> instructions for this problem.
>>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>>> Mark
>>>> I think I know what you are talking about but am not sure.  If it is
>>>> what I think, System Setting, Account Details under Personalizations,
>>>> then on the left User Manager.  You should be able to click on the user
>>>> icon and get some options.  It used to be in another section but guess
>>>> it got moved, which may be why you couldn't find it.
>>>> If that isn't what you are talking about, no clue.
>>>> Dale
>>>> :-)  :-)