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How to change user icon at top of Application Launcher's menu?

   An update to KDE on my Gentoo machine yesterday has changed the
icon that shows up to the left of my name at the top of Application
Launcher menu. I'm sure it's unintended but I find the icon insulting
and would like to change it. How can I change this icon back to the
Sad Cyclops icon, or better yet one of my choice, that appeared there
before this update?

   If I click on the icon I get the User Manager from System Settings.
On the left it says "New User" and on the right there is a place to
edit what I suspect is the icon area but changing it doesn't change
the icon I see here. Sadly clicking on Help at the bottom returns the
message "The file or Folder help:/ does not exist" so possibly
Gentoo's build has excluded this by default. The Help system for
Plasma has a section for the Application Launcher but I don't find
instructions for this problem.

Thanks in advance,