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Re: Default proxy settings

I wrote:

> I know how to change the system proxy settings for an individual
> user. But I need to learn how to set them for all users, even users
> who haven't yet logged in to a box and don't yet have a home
> directory. There must be a configuration file somewhere where KDE
> stores these values. Online searches haven't found anything useful,
> just detailed instructions for what I already know. Perhaps I haven't
> yet found a good set of search terms...

On 04/07/17 22:41, Duncan wrote:

> Generally what I'd do and what should be easiest for most admins, is
> to configure it for a sample user, then take the resulting config
> file from their home config, edit it if necessary, and drop it in the
> system location as appropriate.
> See the kde sysdamin's guide, here:
> https://userbase.kde.org/KDE_System_Administration

Thanks for that suggestion. I found the answer in kioslaverc.

But, contrary to the referenced manual, that file appears in either 
~/.config or /usr/share/config on my systems (Fedora), not under ~/.kde 
or /usr/share/kde as the manual indicates.
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