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Re: KDE hang? (not computer, not X11?)

Kenneth Marcy posted on Mon, 06 Mar 2017 22:47:01 -0800 as excerpted:

> I don't consider myself an OS guru, but were my machine having lockup
> problems, I would want to know how much free RAM is available, what
> programs are in memory, what programs are running, and which programs
> are hogging the CPU and other resources to the extent that nothing else
> gets to share them.
> Utility programs that yield this kind of information may be helpful in
> identifying culprit programs and their offending processes during
> operational pauses such as you described.


I (still) use superkaramba, with a custom theme monitoring all sorts of 
system stats and reporting (among other things) top few memory-using apps 
and top few cpu-using apps.

Works very well for me, and I put quite a bit of work into the theme, and 
have evolved it over time and hardware configuration as necessary.  
Unfortunately, superkaramba was never ported from kde4 and is now 
unmaintained, so superkaramba's living on borrowed time.  (IIRC it's 
already out of gentoo's main tree, but I kept the ebuild in my local 
overlay and for the time being at least, it continues to build.)  Equally 
unfortunately, I've found no equally good all-in-one-place documentation 
for what's /supposed/ to be the replacement, qt-quick scripting similar 
reports in a plasma5 plasmoid, and even if I had, that won't be an 
entirely equivalent replacement anyway, since I run superkaramba hosting 
the theme, which continues to run independently of plasma.

I suppose I'll eventually end up doing what I've already done for so much 
of what I used to run in kde, find some non-kde app (like gkrellm) that 
does the trick that the devs don't go and break every few years without a 
proper replacement, as seems to be the case for much of kde on major 
version bump.  The 3.x -> 4.x bump was absolutely /horrible/ in that 
regard, kmail didn't even wait for a major version bump before breaking, 
they did it with the akonadi port in the middle of 4.x, and with 4.x -> 
5.x, while at least they 4.x apps continue to run in 5.x, they're now 
talking about pulling kdelibs4 off life support sometime in 2018, so 
what's not ported by then is basically dead.  And something like 
superkaramba that depends quite a bit on sysguard's backends could break 
before that, as it hasn't been maintained in awhile.

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