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Re: KDE hang? (not computer, not X11?)

On 3/6/2017 4:21 PM, Mark Knecht wrote:
Thanks Duncan. Very helpful.

In this specific case I was, as best I know right now, down to nothing but the 
Windows VM still running in Virtualbox and doing a kill didn't feel right being that
should the VM go down hard I'm left restoring from weekly backups. However It
might not have been out of line to have at least tried a kill -15 to see if I made any

Again, I appreciate the the response.

I don't consider myself an OS guru, but were my machine having lockup problems, I would want to know how much free RAM is available, what programs are in memory, what programs are running, and which programs are hogging the CPU and other resources to the extent that nothing else gets to share them.

Utility programs that yield this kind of information may be helpful in identifying culprit programs and their offending processes during operational pauses such as you described.