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Re: Messages Keep Coming Back

David Baron posted on Wed, 01 Mar 2017 16:53:49 +0200 as excerpted:

> May be Gmail-related.
> I read, then delete or move a message out of inbox. Later on, it's right
> back there. Can happen multiple times. Eventually, my deletion will
> stick.
> A recent problem. What about it?
> Running Debian Sid.

Your post doesn't say anything about where you are talking about.  Are 
you saying that list messages keep reappearing in gmail which you 
mentioned?  Are you talking about kmail?  Maybe you're talking about 
thunderbird, or claws-mail, which I use, altho I don't know why you'd 
post about them to a kde list?

(FWIW I don't use either gmail or kmail, and I'd suppose the post to be 
about either gmail and the list, or kmail in general, but I thought I'd 
get this clarified so it's already there for anyone else who comes along 
that might use them and be able to answer.)

Also, for those for whom Debian Sid says nothing, assuming it's kmail 
you're talking about, what version of kmail?  The kmail 5.2.3 / kde 
5.28.0 that I see in your user agent header?

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