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Re: How to select sound output (KDE5)

On Friday, 2016-11-18, 16:52:55, Klaus Vink Slott wrote:
> Hi
> Just upgraded my OpenSUSE box and thus got Plasma5 (I guess).
> I have several possible sound output on my PC and often change from
> listening in headphones to loudspeakers. Before upgrading I could open
> kmix from the little icon in the bottom of the screen, locate the sound
> source, right click and select move. Although this took several mouse
> actions it was possible.
> How is this supposed to be done in the new KDE? I see kmix is still
> available but if started I get 2 sound icons in the  bottom bar. Should
> I just go for the olsd one and kill the new plasma mixer thing or is
> there a new intuitive way to move the sound around?

There are probably other options, I just run KMix and told the panel to hide 
the other icon.

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