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Cannot get the Login Screen sddm to work

I am running Kubuntu 16.04 64Bit. I have tried for over a week to get
the sddm greater to work with the Breeze Login Screen. I then went to
synaptic to try another screen like Circles. I installed two others and
I still cannot get it to work. I know get an error that "Fix Broken"
will not clear up.Could the Login Screen problem be cause by a bad 
Theme. I have Breeze and the error in Synaptic should up when I
installed Circles, Elarun, and Lubuntu-choose.   Lubuntu-chooser is in
my themes with no picture. It must be the one the error is in but I
tried to uninstall it in symantic with no luck.

All I am trying to do open the Desktops (mate, gnome, Lubuntu, etc.

Thank You,