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Re: [kde-linux] libqdeclarative, Debian dist-upgrade

David Baron posted on Tue, 21 Jun 2016 10:23:21 +0300 as excerpted:

> Are the libqdeclarative components no longer needed? Debian sid dist-
> will remove this.
> Allowing this removable, numerous libkf5 components and libqt version 
> components now become upgradable. Is this stuff ready to play?

As I run gentoo not debian, I can't say for sure, particularly since 
there's no package by that specific name found in the gentoo tree for 
/any/ specific qt version, so there's obviously a bit of naming impedance 
mismatch. =:^(

But what I /can/ say is that for the qt-5.6.1 upgrades here I had a very 
similar question about qtquick1, which has some libraries and headers 
with qtdeclarative-ish names so it's a likely match.  And upon further 
research I discovered that with qt-5.6, qtquick1 (qtdeclarative) 
(qtquick1, with qtdecarative in parenthesis, was the way upstream qt 
showed it in the qt5.6 release information) was deprecated and no longer 
included by default with the normal qt-5.6, tho it was still available 

My problem was that I had qtquick1 pulled in specifically (in my world 
sets) from the period when I was trying to upgrade to kf5/plasma5, 
instead of as just a dep of something specific as the various qt 
components would normally be (not in the world sets, just pulled in as a 
dep), so it hadn't been automatically depcleaned when nothing needed it, 
and it prevented the 5.6.1 upgrade, where gentoo doesn't ship it either 
as it was no longer required for anything, tho they did with 5.6.0, until 
I removed the specific listing for qtquick1 and let it be unmerged as no 
longer needed.

Rather confusing things is that there still *IS* a qtdeclarative-5.6.1 
package, but it contains qtqml and qtquick libs, *not* qtdeclarative libs, 
which are in the qtquick1 package.  Apparently qtdeclarative (the 
package) actually contains qtquick2 (the libs and headers), while qtquick1 
(the package) contains qtquick1 (duh), except that qtquick1's libraries 
are actually named qtdeclarative, while qtdeclarative's libs are actually 

Confused yet? =:^(

So anyway, the qtquick2 stuff, in the form of the qtdeclarative qt5 
module, remains current and a current dep of current kde.  But the 
qtquick1 stuff, with libs called qtdeclarative, is deprecated and no 
longer shipped by default by upstream qt, and with a new enough kde, no 
longer a dep either.

So as long as it's actually upstream qt5's qtquick1 module you're 
considering removing, with qtdeclarative libs, you're fine.  It's the 
qtdeclarative module, with qtquick aka qtquick2 libs, that's still a 
current dep.

However your distro names them.  On gentoo, the various qt package 
modules match the qt-upstream naming.  On debian, based on your post, it 
seems they may match the actual libs shipped by the package.  So here on 
gentoo I let qtquick1 (the gentoo package and upstream module, with 
qtdeclarative named libs) go but kept qtdeclarative (the gentoo package 
and upstream module, with qtquick named libs) as a current dep, while it 
seems on debian you must do the reverse in terms of package names, since 
on debian they appear to match the lib names not the upstream module 

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