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Re: [kde-linux] Where is the KDE Trash Can? [SOLVED]

On Fri, 10 Jun 2016 01:03:41 +0200, Wolfgang Mueller wrote:
>Obviously, the developers give their best for hiding the trash in 
>such a way that it can't be retrieved any more.

The freedesktop standards and the virtual file system approach
provide some advantages, unfortunately developers of the bigger desktop
environments are ignorant to some serious issues, but this is off-topic
for this thread. The location of trash IMO isn't a problem. The
averaged desktop environment user would get access by the mechanism the
desktop environment provides. The only learning curve is to get the
knowledge, how the desktop environment's file manager behaves. This
behaviour sometimes might not fit to the individual needs, since it's
usually representing the lowest common denominator. Users of light
weight window managers and command line usually don't use trash at
all, at best they are using special trash tools.
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