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Re: [kde-linux] kde-linux Digest, Vol 152, Issue 2

On 02/09/2016 05:21 AM, David Baron wrote:
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The short version is, kwallet is only used if you're using a kde-based
app, kmail, konqueror, etc, that uses it to store login credentials for
various generally online accounts other than your system-level user
account, which is still managed using normal *ix style user
authentication mechanisms, not kwallet.  If you're not using any of
those, or if for instance you use konqueror but don't have any site
logins stored on it, then kwallet is pretty well useless, since that's
what it does, store credentials for such mostly online accounts.  If you
start using a kde-based app that in turn uses kwallet to store such
account credentials, you should start using kwallet automatically.
In kde3 and kde4, I did not NEED kwallet. The passwords were stored in kmail
itself. Newer kmail version ask for it every time.

Now I do not mind entering them once on start, but everytime I get an network
connection expiry (as of yet found no fix to that!!) so reconnects, I have to
enter them once again. It can go quite a while without or I can have this
every few minutes which makes this a giant  pain in the ...

I tried redoing the mail accounts, got the "kwallet not active" dialog,
regardless of the status shown on the manager, et al.
I presume that you have initialized Kwallet by having it generate a digital key and providing a pass phrase to access that key. After that, there is probably some place in the configuration that you have to option to check a box to use Kwallet. I am not sure where that is since I am in the middle of upgrading.

-- James Tyrer

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James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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