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[kde-linux] KF5 TimeZone problem

When I start the KDE4 desktop with available applications replaced with KF5 ones (including KDE PIM), I get this error box [attached].

I see discussion about this on the web but no real conclusion of what the problem is or how to fix it.

So, I am continuing to use Kalarm from KDEpim-4.14.10 (& libkdepim). You configure the whole package and then change to those two directories in the "build" directory and make and install only those two sub modules. KDEpim has two dependencies, Baloo and KDEpimlibs that must be installed first. You don't need the whole package for them but the configure script asks for it so it is easiest just to install them. If this installs anything that causes a conflict, you can just manually remove it.

I then added the paths to the:


file so that it would use the KDE-4 version:

    Exec=/opt/kde/bin/kalarmautostart /opt/kde/bin/kalarm --tray

{make appropriate changes if you didn't install in (or have links to) those "opt" directories}.

This workaround solves the problem, but it doesn't fix it. I have been unable to determine what the actual problem is. Any theories?

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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