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Re: [kde-linux] how to get kde applications version with commandline

teppisti-xpla posted on Sun, 28 Feb 2016 09:47:02 +0100 as excerpted:

> On 27/02/16 19:29, Kevin Krammer wrote:
>> On Saturday, 2016-02-27, 18:53:59, yahoo-pier_andreit wrote:
>>> many thanks duncan,  :-) , sorry, but I intend KDE application as one
>>> of the three branch in whitch kde splitted itself as KDE-framework and
>>> plasma.
>>> so with kf5-config --version I get version of kde-framework and with
>>> plasmashell --version I get the version of plasma which is the command
>>> to get the version of KDE-applications???
>> By querying --version of an application, e.g.
>> kate --version dolphin --version ark --version
> hi kevin, it doesn't work ... :-)  :-)  :-)
> googling
> in august 2015 kde applications was:
> KDE Ships KDE Applications 15.08.0
> and I cannot see any bigger or similar to this
> pla@suseST-pla:~> kate --version
> Qt: 4.8.6
> KDE Development Platform: 4.14.17
> Kate: 3.14.17
> pla@suseST-pla:~> dolphin --version
> dolphin 15.12.2
> pla@suseST-pla:~> ark --version
> Qt: 4.8.6
> KDE Development Platform: 4.14.17
> Ark: 2.19
> pla@suseST-pla:~> konsole --version
> Qt: 4.8.6
> KDE Development Platform: 4.14.17
> Konsole: 2.14.2
> pla@suseST-pla:~> systemsettings5 --version
> systemsettings 5.5.4
> pla@suseST-pla:~>

Those Qt 4.x, kde 4.14.x, versions, are still the kde4 (4.14.17, here 
based on qt 4.8.6) versions.

It is worth noting, however, that with kde/frameworks5 and kde apps 15.x, 
applications are switching from the older qt/kde4 versions to the new qt/
kde5 versions individually, one at a time as their maintainers consider 
them ready.  This is quite unlike the kde3 -> kde4 switch, as kde4 wasn't 
as modularized as kde/frameworks5 is, and everything that at the time 
shipped with kde core had to sync on the same kde core version, so the 
choice was either use all the new versions even when some aren't ready, 
or use all the old versions even tho upstream isn't updating most of them 
any further and they're effectively unsupported.

So kde apps 15.08 still shipped with a lot of kde4-based apps, and even 
kde apps 15.12 ships with a significant number, tho a few more apps have 
switched to their frameworks5 versions in 15.12, compared to 15.8.

FWIW, I'm running kde apps 15.12.1 here, tho I only have select apps 
installed and kate isn't one of them, tho kwrite is.

$ kwrite --version
kwrite 15.12.1

$ dolphin --version
dolphin 15.12.1

$ ark --version
ark 15.12.1

$ konsole --version (as posted earlier)
Qt: 5.5.1
KDE Frameworks: 5.19.0
Konsole: 15.12.1

$ systemsettings5 --version

All of those but systemsettings5 are part of kde apps, with 
systemsettings5 being part of plasma, thus the differing version there.  
And all reported --version outputs correspond to the package versions I 
have installed, here on gentoo:



And at least in kde apps 15.12.1, all of those are qt/kde/frameworks5 

Here's a few examples of 15.12.1 packages still based on qt/kde4, however 
(with the list of deps on kdelibs package-manager queried first, since 
all kde4 apps dep on it, while kde5 doesn't have a kdelibs package, it's 
broken into various individual frameworks packages, then a few of them 
picked as examples to post here):

$ okular --version
Qt: 4.8.7
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.17
Okular: 0.24.0

But that's from the kde-apps/okular-15.12.1 package.

Similarly, a lot of the old kde-games packages are still kde4 based:

$ palapeli --version
Qt: 4.8.7
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.17
Palapeli: 2.0

But its package is kde-apps/palapeli-15.12.1


$ kreversi --version
Qt: 4.8.7
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.17
KReversi: 2.0

But its package is kde-apps/kreversi-15.12.1

So as you see, apps that have been kde/frameworks5 ported show the 
15.12.1 version that corresponds to the kde apps package they come from, 
while apps that are still kde4 based still report kde 4.14.17 (the kdelibs 
version) and whatever package-specific (or perhaps kdegames module 
specific) version number, whether that's the 0.24.0 of okular, or the 2.0 
of palapeli and kreversi.

If your distro is still running kde apps 15.08, quite a few more of those 
apps will be kde4 based, and while I don't know for sure if the specific 
ones you listed are, there's a pretty good chance that in 15.08 they are, 
tho by 15.12, as I demonstrated, many of them are kde/frameworks5 based, 
tho there's still quite a few kde4 based apps left to port, and some may 
never get ported.

(One of the still kde4-based apps I continue to use that I know is in the 
"won't be ported" category is superkaramba.  While it was part of the 
15.08 releases, it was still kde4 based there, and it's not part of the 
15.12 releases.  Fortunately, the old kde4-based kde-apps/
superkaramba-15.08.3 still works for now, but eventually, I'll either 
have to rewrite my superkaramba theme to qtquick, thereby porting it to 
plasma5 directly, or switch to gkrellm or konqy and rewrite to their 
widget types, since superkaramba is now officially a dead end, and it's 
only a matter of time now until superkaramba either breaks, or most of 
the rest of my kdelibs4 based apps have been frameworks5 ported, and the 
rest abandoned and left for dead, and either kdelibs4 itself is abandoned 
and breaks, or I've so little stuff left using it that I want it off the 
system so I don't have to worry about it as a dep any longer.)

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