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Re: [kde-linux] kde-linux Digest, Vol 152, Issue 1

On Monday, 2016-02-08, 15:37:39, David Baron wrote:
> > > Running on a Debian Sid Box. The wallet is not doing anything. How does
> > > one
> > > get it going, or when will it be operational?
> > 
> > I am also on Debian Sid and it has always worked for me.
> > The new kwallet5 even works with pam_kwallet for automatic unlocking on
> > login.
> Then how do I set it up. The system-settings can show me any number of
> "wallets" I set up, says kwallet is active, but Kmail cannot see them.

I can't remember, I have been using KDE desktops for ages and always kept my 
$HOME with me.

On first start of Plasma 5 I got a window for a wallet migration, basically 
KWallet5 importing the secrets from KWallet4.

I think I had to manually trigger that again and also manually mark it as done 
in the config, but both wallet daemons work now for their respective software.

E.g. KMail, or rather the Akonadi resources, access kwallet4 (Qt4 based 
programs) and Konqueror is accessing kwallet5 (Qt5 based program).

I've checked the 5er wallet and the migration imported all items so any Qt4 
base program that switches to kwallet5 in the future should be able to access 
its keys as it does now (worked for Konqueror).

As I've said, I have been using KDE software both for desktop and applications 
for so many years that I can't recall any initial setup anymore, but I don't 
think I had to do anything other than provide a passphrase.


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring

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