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[kde-linux] Desktop widgets

Under previous version of KDE I was able to have each desktop display a
different wallpaper.  Since installing (from DVD), OS 42.1 w/KDE 4.14 and
Plasma 5 that behavior doesn't seem possible.

Am I just missing something?

Also, why was the screen saver dropped in favor of screen locking with
display disabled?  

Thanks, Tom


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Tom Taylor  KG7CFC
openSUSE 42.1 (64-bit), Kernel 4.1.12-1-default,
KDE 4.14.10, AMD A8-7600, GeForce GTX 740 T/PCIe/
16GB RAM -- 3x1.5TB sata2 -- 128GB-SSD
FF 42.0, claws-mail 3.12
registered linux user 263467
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