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[kde-linux] Small problems with kdepim


I'm trying to use more new KDE (plasma 5) and I really like kdepim
software. I mostly using kmail and akreggator in kontact. But with both
I have small problems (maybe problem is in Akonadi, not in those
programs - I'm not sure).
Problem with kmail is that some mails are marked as unread (almost)
every time I turn on kmail. It is not happaning always but very often
and those are always same mails. I'm using IMAP in kmail.
Problem with akreggator is that some news have got date like "07.02.2106
07:28". I found some bug reports about that but I didn't find any
informations about progress on it.
Do You maybe know how to solve those problems (if it is possible)?

Best regards / Pozdrawiam
Sławek Kapłoński

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