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Re: [kde-linux] 4.14.3 issues #1 Folder Widget

On Sun, 18 Oct 2015 19:10:54 -0700, James Tyrer wrote:
>That is the problem with self taught hackers and why they are not 
>software engineers.  They need a designer and engineer to work under, 
>but they are unable to do so.

Why should a gifted autodidact have less abilities than an academic?
Aren't a lot of KDE coders academics?
And why do you sent such academic bullshit to a mailing list focused
specifically on questions and discussions regarding using KDE on Linux?

FWIW since the new KDE doesn't fit my needs, I use something that fits
better to my needs. To chose from the various alternatives to KDE could
be done by academics, gifted autodidacts and by untalented autodidacts,
seemingly just a few academics need a field of study to act
self-responsible too, instead of discussing blinkered opinions on a
channel that isn't for such discussions. Assumed somebody don't want to
drop KDE, using an old version of KDE is possible and sending bug
reports regarding the new KDE is how things work for nearly all FLOSS

It's ok to mention opinions about good and/or bad design on this and
similar mailing lists, but to discredit people is bad. What next?
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