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Re: [kde-linux] 4.14.3 issues #1 Folder Widget

On 10/18/2015 12:14 AM, Duncan wrote:
James Tyrer posted on Sat, 17 Oct 2015 15:32:34 -0700 as excerpted:

Note that if "Lock in Place" is not chosen that "Fill by" will have the
same effect as "Arrange in"

Again, this is a case of the need for design and the problem is that the
coder did not do the design work before the code was written. Excellence
in code requires proper design.

Thanks very much for that exercise in (for me, self-)lucidity. =:^)

I've run into exactly the same issue in other cases as well, and
experienced a similar frustration, without the ability to quite put into
words why it wasn't exactly right.  You explained it so well.  The
ability for individual rows or columns to self-arrange, without removing
the constraint on which one they're in in the other dimension, complete
to the point that some columns/rows may be several units longer than
others... really does express the rather vague thought I had about how
it /should/ be, that I couldn't quite put into words! =:^)

The ability to analyze things is a learned skill; I was not born with it, although I was born with an analytic mind as are most engineers. I was taught it in college. Self taught hackers that denigrate a college education in EE & Computer Science do not realize that you learn things besides using a programing language. I took classes in programing, numerical analysis, and system analysis where not one line of code in a programing language was mentioned. Although in some you were expected to turn in homework in a computer language (it didn't matter which one, you had your choice and could use your favorite).


But I can definitely see how that level of attention to perfectly
functioning detail would get under some developer's skin, particularly
those that are continually fascinated by and often already jumped onto
the next big thing, before the current one even really works to a level
either you or I would define as "well".

That is the problem with self taught hackers and why they are not software engineers. They need a designer and engineer to work under, but they are unable to do so.
Oh, well.  As they say, "such is life!" =:^\

Yes, KDE has (or, I fear, had) great potential. It just needed a little work when it was in version 3 to steer it in the right direction as well as some design work and quality control. Now with the Plasma Desktop that apparently will never have well written code and the stagnation of Konqueror (the universal browser was KDE's greatest feature and coders felt compelled to wreck it), I see little hope for it long term. It clearly needs some "Steve Jobs" types that want things to 'just work' and by that he meant work correctly, not what some hackers appear to mean when they say that something works, doesn't it? Canonically correct and complete [math term] code can be written and it is less work to have such code in the long run because it doesn't do strange things.

I have not tried to code since I started taking medication for my stroke. I don't know if I can manage the concentration to do it well. But, I suppose that I should try to fix this problem. I hate the thought of trying to patch Plasma code.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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