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Re: [kde-linux] ME/CFS

On 09/07/2015 09:13 PM, Duncan wrote:
James Tyrer posted on Mon, 07 Sep 2015 13:47:42 -0700 as excerpted:

I am taking medication for both ME/CFS and the stroke and have been
doing some better.  However, I do still have this tendency to channel
Steve Jobs which I presume that some of the KDE developers would have
serious problems with.

Channeling Steve Jobs, indeed, for better or worse, it does seem that way

His perfectionism did make Apple the company that it is today. I didn't decide to be that way. I think that it is genetic and I inherited if from my German Grandfather.

Some perfection is what KDE clearly needs rather than the apparent hacker credo that if it just works that is good enough. The problem is that stuff that "just works" doesn't actually work because it is based on poorly designed code.

So, since I am feeling better, I might risk posting bug reports again
and hope that developers don't say something to the effect that I am not
allowed to post bug reports, reopen MY bugs, or post patches to fix

However others may react, a welcome back from me. =:^)

What kde/plasma/apps are you testing now, still kde4, or on to
frameworks5/plasma5/mixed4&5-apps?  Wish to compare notes?

FWIW, I'm trying kde-frameworks-5/plasma5 again today, after trying it a
handful of times some months ago and having kwin5 throw a respawn cycle.
But back then, gentoo didn't have even qt5 let alone frameworks/plasma/
apps in the main tree, only in the qt and kde development overlays, while
now it's in the main tree and marked for general testing, with some parts
fully stabilized, so we'll see.

I am somewhat behind on keeping KDE up to date. Breaking it up into a lot of pieces is a questionable idea if you have to build all of the pieces. It is only where the apps are optional that it is a good thing (e.g. only building the games that you want).

The big problem for me was that since parts of the respawn-cycling plasma5
blocked parts of the otherwise working kde4, it was extremely difficult
to test, requiring basically a whole otherwise free day dedicated to
doing so, and I hadn't had any of those I wanted to spend that way, in
awhile.  But today I finally had/took some time and nailed down exactly
how many and which of the base plasma5-desktop deps I could build and
install WITHOUT hitting the blockers, and it turned out that (with my
already fairly minimal kde4-plasma-and-base-system install) I got it all
the way down to four plasma5 packages remaining blocked on eleven kde4
packages, of which I had to manually uninstall five, with the other six
deps of those.

Reading through the Linux from Scratch build book (BLFS) it appears that to have a separate 4.x.y based installation with specific 15.4.03 upgrades and a KDE Frameworks 5 installation. I was in the process of checking the 4.14.3 installation to make sure that it was up to date and built with Qt-4.8.7. Then I will upgrade the recommended packages to 15.4.03.

So now that I'm down to only 4 plasma5 packages blocked on 5+6=11 kde4
packages, I've gone ahead and done the uninstall of the 5+6, and built
and installed the remaining 4 plasma5 apps.  I actually switched to the
lists to see what was going on while they installed, and found your post,
but I checked and the last four plasma5 packages are successfully
installed, now.

Before I started all this today, I did a backup of my system and home
partitions, so I don't have to worry about those getting screwed up in
the experiment.

So all that's left is to figure out what bits of my own customized CLI-
login kde4-starter script need adjusted, what to start to try plasma5
again (for all I know some then missing bit was what was triggering the
kwin5 respawning back then), and the actual kde4 shutdown (it has been
well over a decade since I left MS, but it still amazes me that I can
uninstall those blocker packages and still be running on top of them
until I actually shut kde4 down), shuffle the old kde4 user-level
settings out of the way, and try plasma5 once again.  Hopefully whatever
was triggering that respawn loop is now fixed and I can actually get up
and going on the still-minimal plasma5 installation.

If so, I've still a lot more building out to do on the kf5-based apps

If not, at least this time it's only a quick uninstall of the minimal-
blocking-set four plasma5 packages and a reinstall (from binpkg, no
rebuild) of the eleven kde4 packages, with everything else non-
conflicting and staying installed, where it will continue to update as
new versions come out.  And switching out that minimal-blocking-set
should be easy enough, so testing cycles should be far faster now, and
hopefully any remaining blocker bugs like that kwin5 respawn thing will
be easily resolved.

I'll post back when I see whether I can actually run plasma5, now, and
then, presuming you're either switched or attempting to switch as well,
we can compare notes on the kde-frameworks/plasma5 side.

It appears to me that the best way to have Plasma5 is to do a full install of KDE Framework 5 in a different directory (i.e. /opt/kf5 if you have KDE4 in /opt/kde4) and use a separate user account to access it that will properly set things up. The BLFS book shows this as a profile.d script but that would only be if you were switching to Plasma5. If you were only doing it with a single user file, you would want it in that user's .bash_profile file.

This may also require a default setup file added to your profile.d directory to set other accounts up to use KDE4. I am not sure about that.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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