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[kde-linux] ME/CFS

As many long term members of this list may know, I was unceremoniously kicked out of the KDE project. I think that I was acting strange; it is difficult to remember.

I have a problem: ME/CFS.

That is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I mention this now because after many years, the medical establishment has finally decided that it is a real disease and is trying to find the cause and perhaps a cure.


Note that there are a lot of other symptoms, some somewhat strange that have been documented. Some of which I appear to have.

Someone has even made a documentary film about it, so perhaps the general public will gain some understanding of it.


To make things worse, I had a minor stroke in the Left Parietal Lobe of my brain and this may have accounted for some strange behavior and memory issues.

So, I have a disabling illness and I consider myself disabled. I note to the KDE organization that the USA has Federal Laws forbidding discrimination against the disabled and I believe that they have discriminated against me and what the law calls failed to make reasonable accommodations for my disability. I don't know how that works out for a foreign corporation, but they do appear to be doing business in the USA.

I am taking medication for both ME/CFS and the stroke and have been doing some better. However, I do still have this tendency to channel Steve Jobs which I presume that some of the KDE developers would have serious problems with.

So, since I am feeling better, I might risk posting bug reports again and hope that developers don't say something to the effect that I am not allowed to post bug reports, reopen MY bugs, or post patches to fix bugs.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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