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Re: [kde-linux] Preview remote images

Shame on me!


I've found it was in front of my very nose in Dolphin:

Settings> Configure Dolphin>General>Previews (tab)

At the bottom: Skips previews for remote files above: It was as 0 MB, only I had to raise it....


2015-08-02 9:30 GMT-03:00 Sergio Belkin <sebelk@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi KDE folks

I wonder if there is a way of previewing remote images either on dolphin or konqueror. I mean images that are on samba shares or ftp folders.

I've managed to do it mounting cifs shares (i.e. files are seen as local images), but with a ftp folders it's a bit harder.

Caja fille manager is able to do it. Am I missing something? Can Dolphin do the same?

Thanks in advance!

Sergio Belkin
LPIC-2 Certified - http://www.lpi.org

Sergio Belkin
LPIC-2 Certified - http://www.lpi.org
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