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[kde-linux] Desktop switching when Virtualbox is full screen

   Is there a way for KDE to _always_ grab specific keyboard shortcuts?

   My KDE-4 setup runs 3 monitors set horizontally with 6 desktops. I
scroll between monitors and can switch between desktops using
Ctrl-F1..F6. Currently I'm needing to use a number of Windows dual
monitor VMs running full screen. Unfortunately when Windows is full
screen in the VM monitors #1 & #2 are completely taken up and the
desktop switching shortcut doesn't work. I have to scroll my mouse to
monitor 3 which is still KDE to use it, or momentarily take the VMs
out of full screen and position my mouse over desktop area.

   I understand that generically the shortcut is likely being passed
Windows and dumped as it probably has no defined function in the
programs I'm running there but I'm wondering if there's a way for KDE
to always take specific shortcuts and not pass them down to running
inside of KDE?

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